Trades & development
Since 2008
蘇 瑟 國 際 有 限 公 司

Positive experience.
Foster Euro/Asia business

We cooperate with all stakeholders, defining market strategies that are effectively deployed to generate awareness, mobilization, results, support and pride.

烘焙炊蒸食品製造業, 即食餐食製造業, 食品什貨批發業, 無店面零售業, 國際貿易業, 餐館業業, 菸酒批發業, 飲料批發業, 食品顧問業, 紡織顧問業, 管理顧問業, 產品設計業, 服飾設計業, 景觀、室內設計業, 其他設計業, 布疋、衣著、鞋、帽、傘、服飾品批發業, 日常用品批發業, 首飾及貴金屬批發業, 蔬果批發業, 茶葉批發業, 酒類輸入業.

Local Market Knowledge

the customer at the heart of our development.

Business Value Positioning

Aligning marketing, communication, sales assets.

Attract Regional Buyers

cross-cultural exchange and trades.